10 very interesting biographies

10 very interesting biographies

We were thrilled with stories in books and films, even knowing that they are fictitious. Imagine then that you are not going to learn, be inspired and reflect on knowing real people’s stories?

We prepared a list of 10 biographical books for you to see that biography is not something flat, but very, very exciting. As well as increasing our knowledge, it teaches us to face various obstacles and make us laugh and laugh together.

The best biographies
Steve Jobs: A Biography (Walter Isaacson)
What don’t you appreciate this great visionary? In this biography, you will know everything about the founder of one of the most creative and innovative companies in the world, Apple.

The long walk to Liberdade (Nelson Mandela)
An autobiography of this icon of the fight against racism in South Africa and around the world. He began to write it when he was still imprisoned and told many details about his trajectory, difficulties, and conquests.

Bilionários por acaso: A Criação do Facebook (Ben Mezrich)
Many of us invest hours per week in this famous and widespread social network all over the world. What about knowing the history of its emergence and how its founders made billions of thanks to it?

Oprah: A Biography (Kitty Kelley)

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential women in the United States and the world. His history is fascinating and leads us to think in different ways about our own life.

J.R.R. Tolkien: O Senhor da Fantasia (Michael White)
Tolkien is the author of great works such as the trilogy O Senhor dos Anéis and O Hobbit. He created a new world, new societies, and even new languages in Terra Média. To know a little bit of his life is, without doubt, a new adventure!

The Incredible History of My Life (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
He was a bodybuilder, actor and up to the governor of California. That’s where you’ve got a lot of stuff to tell!

Walt Disney: The Triumph of American Imagination (Neal Gabler)
Disney is part of everyone’s history! And to think that everything is that magical world is seen from the head of just one person is inscrível!

Chaplin: A definitive biography (David Robinson)
Charlie Chaplin is a great representative of silent cinema, with genius films and meaning and teachings. His biography traces everything (and much more) about this talented director, roteirist, comedian, dancer, and so many other things!

After Auschwitz: the moving story of a young man who survived the Holocaust (Eva Schloss)
O Holocausto é algo que manchou a história mundial e é choquecante e emocionante ler o que essa sobrevivente contar sobre o que passou em Auschwitz.

Diana: the last love of a princess (Kate Snell)

Princess Diana deixou sua Mariana nNossageração. She stood out in the whole world, mainly for her beauty and philanthropy, until her death in 1997.

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