Cedar Fences and Commercial Buildings

Cedar Fences and Commercial Buildings

Some people believe that the cedar fence business is just for individuals that get or rent residences. They don’t think that cedar fencings have a future in industrial buildings, however that is a blunder.

The growing fad in commercial buildings is that currently customers are moving away from invasive steel fences as well as towards cedar fences, for the front of their structure anyhow.

They are taking this step due to the fact that the fencings are a lot more affordable as well as they can be custom made to fit the appearance as well as style of the building. They have actually observed that steel fences are a little bit of an eye sore and can be unattractive to consumers.

You may be reading this as well as thinking that, that is only true for industrial structures that lie in the countryside, but it is true for city structures too.

Cedar fences are a lot more attractive as well as even more individuals are acquiring them to make their premises look even more inviting.


You could question how cedar fencings would certainly fare when it pertains to protection, because metal fences are much more challenging to scale and can be made much more secure with barbed cable.

However, with cedar fences, they can be made with pointed coatings on he leading and after that they can be painted with vandal paint to stop individuals climbing up over. Vandal paint is available in different colors currently, and also you can even place barbed wire in addition to the paint.


If you have ever seen a gated fencing on a public building, then you will understand that occasionally they have actually branding repainted onto the fencing so that individuals recognize specifically what company is inside the building.

This can be done on fence installation services too, you just need to ensure that you have actually informed the maker before you order. By doing this, they can do the staining for you, or advise you on where to buy the discoloration materials, so that you can do the branding yourselves. Or you can just click on the link above for more ideas about your fences.

In some cases it is better to have the first discoloration done by the maker, to make the installment a little simpler, so you aren’t piecing certain pickets with each other like a jigsaw. Then you can do the branding yourself using a large stencil.

Why staining?

Firms that have actually currently decided to use cedar fencings as opposed to steel fencings have actually decided to conserve some cash and get their pickets as all-natural wood, without having them repainted.

This is since they intended to save some loan on the cost of the fencing. Their reasoning is that they employ painters for the upkeep of the structure anyhow, so they may too utilize those painters to paint the fencing.

Nonetheless, they quickly observed that they had actually slipped up. Painting cedar fences with normal paint harms the timber. It brings about splitting, peeling, bubbling and greater maintenance expenses. They were having individuals paint and fix the timber over and over once again.

This was, up until they asked their fence producer for some aid as well as they were told to utilize latex staining as opposed to wood. There are several advantages to latex staining, consisting of prolonging the life of the wood, and looking exactly like paint.

Latex staining enables wetness to pass through the wood without cracking the timber, or bring about bubbling and also peeling off. When the staining was completed, their cedar fencing lasted for a long time without having to be recoated and they saw a lot much less water damage and also mould on the timber.

For that reason, if you are the head of a business and you are thinking of using cedar fence for your building, then you have to purchase latex staining as a pre-finish.

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