Electric Scooter Rental

Electric Scooter Rental

You will be able to do so as of this Tuesday in a 33 km2 area located in Paris intramural. Roughly speaking, it is bounded by the Bastille, Montparnasse, Ternes and Gare du Nord. Rent an electric scooter? The lack of charging infrastructure that hinders the development of the electric vehicle (with the singular exception of Tesla, which has its own facilities), could cast doubt on such a company. But Cityscoot’s approach was finally to turn the problem around. “The user of our service will never have to worry about charging,” says Bertrand Fleurose, the company’s founding president. This 50-year-old former London trader has devised a very simple mechanism: he will simply recharge the batteries of his Cityscoot. Small electric cars will replace the discharged batteries as soon as the scooter signals to the “central office” that its range is less than 10 kilometres. The user will only have to worry about his journey. The main innovation is that the Cityscoot has no dedicated charging stations or car parks. It is taken on the public road, and left on the public road after use. Bertrand Fleurose uses “freefloating” (“full self-service”), a concept typical of the so-called “disruptive” economy, which uses the latest geolocation and smartphone application technologies.

An adjustable helmet is provided.

How does it work? The Cityscoot is reserved for people over 18 years of age and requires registration. Be careful, if you are underage, required, do not try to send a picture of your mom or dad, facial recognition software requires you to move your head and blink to recognize yourself. Once you have shown your white leg, all you have to do is sit on the Cityscoot’s saddle and leave: no subscription is required. “We are at the forefront of car-sharing systems,” says Bertrand Fleurose. At the end of your journey, you will then leave the scooter where you want, preferably in a two-wheel car park. The service is active from 7 am to 11 pm.

Who can drive? The Cityscoot is like a 50 cc, like the good old Mopeds. If the driver was born before January 1, 1988, no licence is required. If he was born after 31 December 1987, he must hold a valid French or European Union driving licence of type A, A1, A2, B or a simple BSR (AM licence). An introduction to driving (but not training), or further training, is offered by Cityscoot, in partnership with the insurer Allianz, at the time of registration, which is done on a declarative basis.

How much does it cost? The payment is therefore exclusively for use. It is invoiced on a time spent basis. The highest rate is €0.28 per minute. If you buy minute packs in advance, the rate drops to 0.25 € (25 € for 100 minutes) and 0.20 € (500 minutes for 100 €). To set the agenda, a 12-minute Etoile-Bastille trip costs €2.40 at the lowest fare, only €0.60 more than a trip by metro at the most expensive fare. Be careful, even if the Cityscoot’s seat is two-seater, the duo is not allowed, and a strong penalty will be required in case of an accident.

The connection and location of a Cityscoot around you is almost instantaneous from your smartphone. Once you have selected the device, you have 10 minutes to retrieve it. A startup code has been sent to you. It releases the steering and turns it on. As soon as this code is entered, the saddle unlocks automatically, allowing access to the trunk. It contains the vehicle’s papers, a yellow vest, a pocket filled with “charlottes” to protect your hair, and a good quality urban helmet with visor. It features a very clever system allowing adjustment up to size 60 (XL). No gloves, however, for size and hygiene reasons: don’t forget to wear them. The Cityscoot does not currently have a side stand. But it is easy to unstand and stand (its mass is only 115 kg).

Hand brakes, right wrist throttle, automatic transmission, its driving is no different from a conventional scooter. It does not make any noise, either when starting or driving: be careful not to surprise pedestrians. Even with a driver weighing more than 100 kg, the Cityscoot accelerates sharply and reaches its maximum speed (47 km/h on the clock, or 45 km/h time) in a few seconds. His nervousness allows him to integrate into the traffic without any difficulty. We didn’t test it on the formidable slopes of Montmartre, but it correctly climbs the parking ramps.

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